All of our products are made with fabric which we purchase as overruns (remnants).  These are not fabrics with defects.  Because of this we do not purchase specific colors or patterns but we take what the manufacturers send us.

We usually receive cotton and blends in each purchase.  We also add a filler material to give the cloth its roundness and texture.  This will usually be a polypropylener fabric.

With few exceptions, we cannot guarantee a specific color or fabric.  As our purchases are for short runs, when we complete making a series of products, that fabric is exhausted and no longer available.

We sell our products by color groupings.  They are:

Pastels -- white background with accents of pink, light blue, light green, yellow, etc.

Earthtones/naturals -- beige backgrounds, touch of brown, burgundy, blue, and green accents.

Contemporary -- non-floral prints with purples, bright blues, black, and other vibrant colors.

Darks -- dark prints with dark yarns.

Warm Florals -- rich floral prints with pinks, corals, greens, blues, with accents of white or beige to soften.

Northwestern -- primarily greens, mauves, blues, and some burgundy -- the medium colors.

It is frequently difficult to classify a fabric by color because the yarn used can highlight what would otherwise be subtle shades or background hues.  Thus we "interpret" the final product by how closely the combination of fabric and yarn match our discriptions above.  We frequently fill orders requests for colors such as "beach colors," or "Southwestern" colors.  We will work with you to insure that you get the colors your customers want.

We also do Seasonal Specials such as our Christmas Collection and our South Carolina or Alaska Logo lines.  If you are interested in having us do somethings specific or special, we inviite you to contact us.  We try to accommodate special orders whenever possible.